The Art of Lynette Yencho

My neighbors, Maria and Nicki

Lynette Yencho spent 50 years being the commercial artist she was groomed to be but she spent a lot of time trying to carve the difference between commercial and fine. Though the line is not so clear these days, a commercial artist works for another and does their bidding. When you freelance you have many bosses and all have different interests. You need to adopt those interests if you want to do anything good for them. You also developed different styles and picked up different skills. Now she doesn’t waste her time. She just draws and paints and hopes it brings cheer or thought to her viewers.

A portrait of my best baby!

I do any type of drawing or painting of any animal. Have a look>>>

How to order and get prices>>>

There are many places you can get my work printed and framed or on all kinds of swag at FineArtAmerica, Redbubble, Society6, and if you like to sew, I design fabric repeats at Spoonflower. If you are a rummager and looking for a bargain, you might enjoy the GarageSale. These are things that might be happier in a new home.