An Itti-bit is a painting or drawing that is 5×7 or smaller, the smallest is 3×3.  I use up scraps that are cut off the larger paintings to make these.  Sometimes I like these better. All Itty-bits are $35.  Contact me for sizes and mediums you would like. The painting does not come with a frame. Shop Itty-bit

Watercolor. The golden is an 8″x10″ but the rest are 5″x7″ and 3″x3″
Watercolor. 5″x7″
Watercolor 5″x7″

Pen and ink, 3″x3″

Pencil, 5″x7″

They can look very nice in a tiny inexpensive frame.  Frame not included

Pencil, 3″x3″
watercolor, 5″x7″
Watercolor, 5″x7″