Take a Photo

Important points

1. It helps to have a good close-up of your friend. Think about what angle you would like to use. Try to get eye level. This is a rule and they are all made to break so don’t take this as law. Sometimes looking down on a little dog when he is begging is very cute. We like cute.

2. Good lighting is very important. A well-lit room or outside on a cloudy day is perfect. Direct sunlight will wash out a lot of the important detail in your photo so in the shade or late afternoon.

3. Outdoor photos are always best taken in the late afternoon. Indirect lighting or shade is best.

4. I can work from movies if you send them via email or phone. Action shots can be fun!

5. Several photos are fine and in fact, better. You might have a pose you like in one photo but the color is all wrong. Another photo might give me a better hint of the coloring.

5. Do we have a favorite toy? Take a picture of the toy, I can add it in.


Most photos work but the quality of the photo will affect the finished image. If your friend is deceased and you don’t have photos, we can still talk. I cannot guarantee a good similarity, because I don’t know your pet. However, I will look up the breed and you can give me the markings. It has been done!

Gracie. This is my little girl No one can tell me she is not the most beautiful cat in the world. She has expressions, and flaws that endear her to me. Her fur is always a little ragged, her nose is crooked, her spots are uneven, and she has a kink in her neck!
So when I look at your baby, I want to know what is most important to you about him/her.

This is a great picture, but I can’t see her eyes and the light falls on the center of her head, making it look like a stripe. Good thing I know what she looks like.

Colored pencil/11″x14″
With the magic of photoshop, I could lighten the photo to see more detail in her face

Newton in my face
With This polaroid does nothing for this gorgeous guy

Newton in my face 10″x 8″ colored pencil
Newton is no longer with us but I remember he had a pink nose and a gorgeous white face. My memory, a few books and a little research on Norwegian Forest Cats are all I needed