Where Else?

You can find my work in other corners of the web:

GardenStudio My oldest business name but my newest site is where you can find projects and paintings for sale. Here is where you can order a portrait of your favorite pet or person.

FiddleheadTimes. Are you looking for a little diversion in your day? Miss newspaper comics that go nowhere? Come visit us and subscribe too!

LynetteStudio is my oldest website and is basically a portfolio created in 2000 when I was going to school. Mostly traditional work but a little computer too.

LynetteYencho.com is a good place to see lots of old and new pieces and have them printed on anything from prints to shower curtains!

some other websites I hang my work on:

Spoonflower I love fabric of all kinds.  Here is a manufacturer who lets me work out my fantasy as a designer. This company strives to help artists and also bring forth a quality product.  All of their fabrics are high quality and some organic. They “print on demand”, so there is much less waste and they work very hard to be on the better side of this growing problem.

Society 6 You can get my work, and yours printed on almost anything!

VIDA Want to wear one of my paintings? Or have it in your decor? This place also has fun stuff!  I try to keep the items to natural fabrics or recycles.  I especially like the modal scarf. Have fun!

RedBubble  You can get my (or yours) work printed on anything.

FineArtAmerica uploaded paintings.  I like this site because they have a frame shop where you can choose a size print, how it is mounted, if you want a frame, choose mat color and frame (a lot of fun to play with) and it lets you know how much it will cost as you change your mind. And of course, lots of home decor, stationery, coffee cups. Have fun.