Thank you all for the great business this year. How wonderful it is to be able to draw your beloved pets, what I love most! Last Christmas season was terrific! And frankly, kind of busy. I want to continue to spend the time I need to make your portrait perfect. Thinking a sale on Black Friday could be deadly to quality, I have decided to encourage spreading orders over time. So here is the deal:

Once you order, you will get an email from Lynette and you can send your photos and a bit about your pet(s). She will give you a possible timeline on when you will get your portrait. If you have any questions, just contact Lynette

For 10% off, use junexmas10

For 20% off use junexmas20

The rules. Price must be over $50. Does not apply to Itti-bits or pen and ink.
Will need to order and pay in advance before July 31, 2022. If taking the 20% option, Do not expect it until December but might get earlier, depending on workload.