How to Order

  1. Firstly, you will want to have a look at the sizes and mediums I have to offer. You might even have an idea of your own and in that case, let me know. We can work out an original piece for you. Here, you can see also the prices and what range you would like to stay within.
  2. Contact me. I look at emails daily and will return your message within a day or two. Then we can exchange photos and numbers. Your email or message is looked at as an order.
  3. I will start working on it once we get a direction you would like to go. I will send you a photo of the drawing (this is the time to let me know if I need to make changes.) Then the finished piece in color. I can still make changes in color and markings.
  4. Once you have approved, go back to the store and make a payment.
  5. You can expect the piece to be mailed to you or whatever arrangements we have made.
  6. I am always excited to hear how you like the drawing/painting, and I would love to stay in touch.
How to take take a good Photo


And for acrylics.: