The Legends of Flowers, Bleeding Hearts


Giclee print,  17″ x 11″.

The Legend of Bleeding Heart

A young soldier was assigned to assist a caravan from Cathay to Western Asia. The Journey was very dangerous and his young wife was very afraid for him.

She visited a sorcerer who gave her a coral necklace to wear
“When the sun rises, you hold your necklace tight to your heart and you will see your husband and where he is as long as the sun touches the sea.”

This was a great comfort to her each morning she could see her husband loading camp, or mounting his hours. But one morning she witnessed the dread bandits approaching and one by one she watched with horror as each man was killed, and her beloved was beheaded. Her automatic reaction was to run to him, but forgetting she was on a cliff, she fell. As she tumbled down, she whorled with the coral in her hand, close to her heart. Before she reached the bottom, the tangle of her hair and her necklace, herself, turned into a beautiful plant with coral colored hearts.

Still grieving for her husband, the beautiful Bleeding Heart does not need any more bad news and does quite well in the shade.

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