The Legends of Flowers, Sanpdragon


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Snap Dragon

In a valley of flowers was a very happy community of faeries. They lived under a canopy of beautiful colors from the wildflowers and were able to make clothes and jewelry from the petals and drink the nectar, and sleep on the soft pistils at night. Life was wonderful.

But the faeries did not take care of the flowers, they only reaped the benefits and it was not long when the flowers became weary of the thoughtless little faeries.

One night, one of the faeries prepared for bed, the flower snapped shut on her. As she tried to fight her way out of the bloom, it tightened and swallowed her. The result was a different shape flower, very pretty and as the other flowers admired the look, they too began to snap and turned to dragons.

Since then, faeries have become excellent gardeners and they take care.

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